1% for GoodLos Altos January 28, 2020

Animal Assisted Happiness


Animal Assisted Happiness (AAH) enriches the lives of children and their families experiencing special needs, health or family challenges. As a non-profit organization, we provide barnyard friends to bring moments of happiness and smiles into their day. Our vision is a “Million Smiles.”

Our programs include: AAH Mobile Barnyard Visits to 80 schools/hospitals/programs for kids with needs throughout the Silicon Valley; AAH Smile Farm private visits for kids with need and their families; AAH Smile Farm Field Trips for schools/classrooms for kids with need; AAH Vocation Education Programs at the AAH Smile Farm; and a robust Youth Volunteer Program for 6th – 12th graders to build empathy and compassion through animals for those with need.

If you would like to volunteer; donate or learn more about Animal Assisted Happiness please visit www.animalassistedhappiness.org