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Abilities United


Imagine a world where people of all abilities, live, learn, work and play together. Abilities United ensures that people with developmental and physical disabilities have rights, resources, and opportunities to fully participate in community life. We champion community values of dignity and respect for people, of all abilities, and envision a society where everyone is included and appreciated for their distinctive contributions.

Since 1963, over 65,000 individuals and their families in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties have bene ted from our lifetime of comprehensive education, social, therapeutic, vocational, and support services. As advocates for the rights of people with developmental and physical disabilities — Abilities United makes decisions with them, not for them.

Just like you, people with developmental disabilities need a place they call home; loving and caring relationships; useful, relevant skills; employment; and opportunities to learn, grow, and change. Abilities United is committed to ensuring that these opportunities are made available at each stage of life.

For more information about their work or how you can get involved, please visit www.AbilitiesUnited.org